Welcome To The Wells Clinic
The Clinic has been established to help the majority of ERECTILE dysfunctions to be easily and effectively treatable.
At present it is unavailable on the NHS for the majority of men.

Who Needs It?

Often men who have developed diabetes, circulatory disease or had
heart disease. The side effects of many medications used for Blood Pressure, antidepressants etc., may reduce performance; certain surgical procedures will be a casual effect also.

Who Else?
You do not have to be one of the above to benefit from the new medications. Many men suffer age-related erectile problems, and have difficulty in getting and or maintaining erections to achieve orgasm. Psychological stress, pressure to perform, will often inhibit a man's erectile functions. The psychological pressure seems to effect a larger proportion of younger men, and men who have experienced the effects of divorce, relationship break up or bereavement of a loved one this can be from as early as 23 years of age.