Medical Information

What Impotence Medication is NOT
It is not an aphrodisiac; you need to be aroused or stimulated by your partner for the latest medication to function.
If you are not aroused or stimulated as in normal sex nothing will happen.
However, when aroused it will facilitate sufficient blood flow into the smooth muscle of the penis and cause it to be held there, thus maintaining a full erection just as your own body would. The medication will stay in your body for several hours allowing you to have sex again if you desire.
The older medications work by causing an erection without arousal or stimulation and the erection will be maintained even after orgasm until the medication is dissipated from the penis. These medications are administered by injection into the base of the penis or by applicator down the urethra.

Who Can Take It?
After a medical assessment by the doctor, the majority of men.

Who Can NOT Take It?
If you are on ANY form of Nitrate medication you will not be suitable, e.g. for angina or certain heart conditions. Impotence medication is not indicated for individuals below twenty-three years of age or anyone with any defects or pain on full erection e.g Peronies